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  network solutions
  • Building simple & advanced Local Area Networks & Wide Area Networks from scratch.
  • Construct Network Integrated Fiber System.
  • Wireless Networks for LAN & WAN We provide wireless solutions using technologies including, Radio Modems, Wireless Bridges , VSATs etc.
  • Network Digital Cross Connection We design and implementing any complicated Intranet using frame relay technology.
  • Providing almost all types & levels of network services.
  • Providers of best computers, Laptops & all kinds of computer devices.
  • Designing mail system for companies' networks including local & Internet based mail systems.
  • Designing best antivirus, anti spy ware, anti worms, firewalls for company's networks.
  • Provide quality security system for company's user accounts management, data & resources.
  • Construct quality data backup plans for all companies' critical data.
  • Setup broadband Internet facility to all computers of in company via a single Internet connection.
  • Construct reliable finest power backup plan for whole companies network by individual software enabled UPS, server based software enabled UPS including generators plan for major electricity backup.
  • Disaster recovery plan.
  • Quality maintenance & services plan for networks after sale


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